As a seller, you would always like to reach a bigger audience and increase site traffic. And this can be easily done using the vast reach of affiliate marketers, who can promote your product through affiliate links. 

Explodely affiliate links can be structured in multiple ways, and you can choose any format which suits you best and present it to the affiliates on your JV launch page.

Here is the list of available formats:

Link Structure to the Main Product (without TID)

Link Structure to Main Product with optional TID:

Link Structure to a Specific Product (without TID)[ProductIDhere]

Link Structure to a Specific Product with optional TID:[ProductIDhere]&tid=XXXX


sellerID is the seller account
affiliateID is the affiliate account

pid is the product ID (used in case of a specific product)

tid is the tracking ID for your affiliate 

You can update your seller ID and ProductID in the links so all affiliates need to do, is update their Explodely affiliate IDs in the link and start promoting. 

If an affiliate is not registered with Explodely, they can quickly do so by going to the link:

Or you can refer them to the article How do I get started as an Affiliate?

Please check the article Setting a Product as your Main Product to set a product as your main product.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns at