When a buyer reaches out to Explodely support with their queries and concerns, the Explodely support team reviews them and opens a support or refund request based on the buyer's need. These support and refund requests are reflected in the seller's account and can be resolved from there.

Support Request

When the buyer contacts Explodely support for product-related issues like login issues, product assistance etc, a support request is opened with the seller so that they can resolve the buyer issue.

It is crucial to provide a timely and accurate response to the support request to prevent it from changing into a refund request. Upon receiving a satisfactory reply, the support request can be closed by the buyer or it auto closes if there is no reply from the buyer for 48 hours.

Refund Request

When a buyer contacts Explodely for a refund, instead of directly refunding the purchase, Explodely support opens a refund request with the seller so that they can resolve the buyer's dissatisfaction and save the sale.

The seller can change the refund request to a support request if the issue has been resolved to the buyer's satisfaction. If not, the order associated with the refund request is automatically refunded after 48 hours.

Explodely highly recommends issuing refunds for dissatisfied buyers as it is usually cheaper to refund the sale vs. incurring refund and chargeback fees. 

How to check support/refund tickets:

You can check the support/refund tickets by logging into your seller account. Once logged in, click "View All Tickets" under the Dashboard section.

Alternatively, you can check the tickets by using this link:


Why is ticket resolution important?

As a seller, you are advised to keep checking the tickets regularly and provide timely and apt resolutions to the buyers to prevent refunds and chargebacks. Attentive and accommodating customer service can work wonders to help avoid chargebacks from disgruntled buyers.

You can also setup automated responses when a support or refund request is opened to ensure prompt response from your side. Refer to our article How to add Auto Responses? to learn more about Explodely's Auto Response feature.

Please get in touch with us if you have any questions or concerns at sellers@explodely.com.