Explodely allows its sellers to autofill checkout page fields for a quick and customised checkout experience for their customers.

When the seller has collected details like the Customer Name and Email of the customers on the Sales page, the Explodely checkout page gets customised to autofill the details of customers making the checkout experience smooth and hassle-free.

Details that can be auto-filled on the checkout fields:

  • Email Address - This is the customer's email address
  • Customer Name - This is the customer's full name
  • Zip Code - This is the customer's zip code

How to autofill customer details on the Checkout page:

In order to autofill the checkout fields, the seller needs to pass the below POST parameters to the Explodely product payment URL:

  • checkout_email - auto fills customer's email address
  • checkout_name - auto fills customer's full name
  • checkout_zipcode - auto fills customer's zip code

Please feel free to contact our technical team with any questions or concerns at sellers@explodely.com.