The Explodely product branding feature allows the seller to customise the checkout page by adding branding graphics and a colour scheme. Sellers can match the look and feel of their site with the checkout page to maintain consistency throughout the buying process. This has been shown to dramatically reduce checkout abandonment and increase order conversions.

How to add Branding to your products:

Step 1: Log into your seller account using the link:

Step 2: Under the head Products, go to Branding.

The Branding page looks like this: 

Step 3: Upload your logo image, product image and background image. You can alternatively choose a colour as your background as well.

Custom branding for a particular product


To add further detailing and consistency on the checkout pages, you can set custom header and product image for all products separately based on your requirement. 

Follow these steps to do custom branding for a particular product:

Step 1: Under the head Products, go to View Products.

Step 2: Click on the "Action" button in front of the product you want to add custom branding. You will see the option to customise the header and product image in the drop-down box. 

Step 3: For the custom header, choose the image you want to set as a header image and Click on Upload.

Step 4: Similarly, choose the image you want to set as a product image and Click on Upload.

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