As a seller, you might want to know which buy button on the sales page generates the most sales OR if you are split-testing sales pages, you would like to know which sales page is converting better. In such cases, the tracking ID comes in handy.

Here is the link to pass the tracking ID on the payment link:


productID is the product ID of the payment link 

abc is the tracking ID

You can also add the tracking ID to the payment link of the product by going to the Create & Copy Your Payment Link option under Products-> View Products.

Add the Tracking ID in the given field and click on Update Payment Link.

The updated link with Tracking ID will be generated and you can copy the link.

So if you want to ascertain which buy button generates the most sales, simply add tracking IDs at the end of the payment link and link those payment links to the buy buttons.

For Pay button 1:

For Pay button 2:

For Pay button 3:

Once done, you can see the tracking IDs for each sale on the transactions page inside your Explodely account.

Similarly, you can use tracking ID for split testing sales pages and other requirements.

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