As a seller, you might sometimes want to drive traffic to your offer using outside CPA Networks (like In this case, the affiliate sending traffic to your offer is called 3rd party affiliate as they are not registered with Explodely.

It is recommended that you always pass on the details of these 3rd party affiliates to Explodely so that you can track their Analytics (Sales, Refunds & Chargebacks) and also as it helps us monitor fraud and save chargeback fees for you.

The sellers will need to pass a parameter "tpa" at the end of their payment link with a Third-party ID to associate it with the sale in our system.

This Third Party Affiliate ID will show as "tpa_affID" on the checkout page at the bottom in the field [affiliate: tpa_affID] if the seller wishes to check if it's passing or not into our system.

Here is the link to pass 3rd party affiliate IDs:

productID is the product ID of the payment link
affID is the Third Party Affiliate ID.

For more details, check out the technical article on passing tpa here: