As an affiliate, you may wish to track the traffic source from where your affiliate sales are coming. It will help you focus on your most profitable traffic sources.

We at Explodely understand that and offer you an easy way to track your affiliate sales traffic. You can do so by entering a tracking ID which could be any string of your choice that will help you track the source of your traffic.

Format of an affiliate link with tracking ID:


sellerID is the seller account
affiliateID is the affiliate account

pid is the product ID

tid is the tracking ID

In case, you have an affiliate link without a tracking ID, you can add a tracking ID manually by simply adding a simple parameter at the end of your affiliate link.

If you are using this affiliate link:,
then add "TID" or "tid" at the end of it as:


Furthermore, you need not generate a new affiliate link for every source of traffic you want to track. You can simply update the tracking id in the link and start using it directly.

In case you need any further clarifications, feel free to reach our support team at