The SplitPay feature allows the seller to split the "Explodely Platform Fees" directly with the customer at the point of purchase and save you up to 100% of your processing fees. You can choose to pass 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% of the Explodely Platform fees to your customers.

Customers don’t mind paying the fee because it is typically very small. We have tested this thoroughly with select Sellers and they noticed virtually no effect on their order form conversion rates. Customers are accustomed to paying service fees; for example, Fiverr charges 5.5% to customers and AirBnB charges 15% to customers.

And the best part, the Explodely Splitpay feature works with all payment options we offer - Credit cards, Debit cards, Gift cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, ACH and Crypto. And there is no extra fee for this service!

Here is how Explodely platform fees looks on the checkout page when you use the SplitPay feature:

How does this work?

This is an "apply to use" solution, whereby the Seller must request it to be activated. This can be done by contacting your account manager or emailing us at

Once activated, you need to follow the following steps:

  1. Log into your Explodely Account, under the head "Solutions" click on SplitPay and decide how much of the Explodely platform Fees should be paid by the customer.

  2. At checkout, the Customer's purchase total will display & include the Explodely platform fee you have chosen in Step 1

  3. The Customer completes the purchase and has paid for your Explodely platform fee.

Requirements for SplitPay:

The Seller is required to clearly stipulate the Explodely Service Fee adjacent to or within their payment button on all One-Time Offer (OTO) pages utilizing 1 Click Upsell (1CU).

Here are some samples for reference:


small text explaining Explodely Fee & total charge

For example, let's say the Seller is using a 5% SplitPay ratio and their product price point is $197:


We use Explodely & their Service Fee is 5%.

Therefore your total will be $206.85



With Explodely's Service Fee your total will be $206.85



Please note that the mention of the Explodely Service Fee is only mandatory for OTO pages using 1 Click Upsell, as the buyer will be charged directly and not be taken to the checkout page for 1CU offers. Therefore, there is no need to apply this requirement to the front-end offer, as the buyer will see the fee during checkout on the checkout page.

Common FAQ:

Q) Can Sellers discontinue or alter the Split Pay ratio?

A) Yes, they can always do so. They need to contact support to do the same.

Q) Can a seller force complete 100% on the buyer? Also, can he try any combination of the fees as in buyers bears 2% and he bears the rest and so on?

A) Yes, the Seller can pass complete 100% to the buyer. Seller can only choose from the following combinations: 25%, 50%, 75% and 100%.

Please reach out to us if you have any questions or concerns at